Advanced Usage


Making Custom Get and Post Requests

Robin Stocks depends on Requests which you are free to call and use yourself, or you could use it within the Robin Stocks framework by using robin_stocks.helper.request_get(), robin_stocks.helper.request_post(), robin_stocks.helper.request_document(), and robin_stocks.helper.request_delete(). For example, if you wanted to make your own get request to the option instruments API endpoint in order to get all calls you would type:

>>> url = ''
>>> payload = { 'type' : 'call'}
>>> robin_stocks.request_get(url,'regular',payload)

Robinhood returns most data in the form:

{ 'previous' : None, 'results' : [], 'next' : None}

where ‘results’ is either a dictionary or a list of dictionaries. However, sometimes Robinhood returns the data in a different format. To compensate for this, I added the dataType parameter which defaults to return the entire dictionary listed above. There are four possible values for dataType and their uses are:

>>> robin_stocks.robinhood.request_get(url,'regular')    # For when you want
>>>                                            # the whole dictionary
>>>                                            # to view 'next' or
>>>                                            # 'previous' values.
>>> robin_stocks.robinhood.request_get(url,'results')    # For when results contains a
>>>                                            # list or single dictionary.
>>> robin_stocks.robinhood.request_get(url,'pagination') # For when results contains a
>>>                                            # list, but you also want to
>>>                                            # append any information in
>>>                                            # 'next' to the list.
>>> robin_stocks.robinhood.request_get(url,'indexzero')  # For when results is a list
>>>                                            # of only one entry.

Also keep in mind that the results from the Robinhood API have been decoded using .json(). There are instances where the user does not want to decode the results (such as retrieving documents), so I added the robin_stocks.helper.request_document() function, which will always return the raw data, so there is no dataType parameter. robin_stocks.helper.request_post() is similar in that it only takes a url and payload parameter.